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Honesty, Efficiency, Loyalty and Quality, These to Some are Just Words… TO US THEY ARE LIFE and We Take Them very Seriously because Everything we Do is a Representation of us. 110% Quality is What we Offer and Will always Offer to our very Valued Clients.

monthly maintenance pools at best prices harare zimbabwe make your pool blue


It is easy for your pool to get out of control fast, after a big storm like we have been having recently, boom over night it looks more like a Crock pen than a Oasis. WE OFFER A ONCE OFF TREATMENT PACKAGE for just this, CONTACT US AND ASK FOR THE "MAKE IT BLUE" PACKAGE. A green pool is not only unsightly but can become a health hazard if left untreated correctly from harmful bacteria to becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other unwanted Disease carrying critters. We know monthly contracts are not what everyone is looking for so this option is ideal if you are one of those people, this requires no long term commitment, just this once off treatment plan. DO YOU HAVE AN EVENT coming and need your pool blue? Well speed is the name of the game and we will get it BACK TO PERFECT IN JUST A MATTER OF DAYS so Contact us today!

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pool sand changes best prices make your pool clean and beautiful again


This is the heart of every pool, your filter sand ensures your Pool stays blue year round by capturing all the dirt sucked up by the Pump before the clean water re enters your Pool. Sand should be changed at least once every six months or if some of the following signs are occurring:

  • Water pressure has decreased,
  • Water circulating back through the aim flows is not clean (hints of visible dirt flowing through),
  • Chemicals you are putting in are not making any change to the current pool state,
  • Water has an unusual smell
These are the main tell tale signs your filter may need a sand change which will avoid putting unneeded stress on your pump saving you money in the long run. CONTACT US TODAY FOR A QUOTE, all we need is to know the size of your filter, but if you do not know don't worry, our team will assist you to figure it out and get your pool back to running at maximum efficiency.

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acid cleans removing all dirt from stained surfaces making an old pool look new


Over time your pool develops surface stains/dirt build up, this can be from lime in the water to staining from a variety of bacteria and can result in a visually dull or off putting Pool instead of a vibrant inviting color you are used to. We have just the remedy to Fix that problem, treat your Pool to an Acid clean where trained specialists remove these pesky blemishes giving your pool a new breath of life and restoring it back to its original state. CONTACT US TODAY to get a quote, if you are not sure if this is what you require, no problem! Our team will be able to guide you in the correct direction for your required result.

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pool chemicals full range treat your pool with the best chemicals for the best results make it blue 52 weeks of the year


Whatever you need we have, we stock a large variety chemicals at crazy competitive prices that are guaranteed to save you money and of course we will guide you through the never ending maze of chemicals to get the required outcome. We train your pool caretaker to assess your pool correctly, to be able to know what chemicals are actually needed rather than spending unnecessary amounts of money on chemicals you probably do not need and most importantly the correct quantities to use because a overdose is just as bad as an under dose. We deliver to your doorstep and if needed are happy to come test your water and notify you on what is recommended. We also offer monthly maintenance packages and a once off make it blue package which can be seen by clicking the related tabs bellow. We look forward to hearing from you!

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all pool equipment everything you will ever need all delivered to your door step and replacements when needed are on hand as well


We supply all pool accessories, replace old accessories, broken accessories and if an old accessories can be saved we will advise you because to us it's not all about sales, it's all about you. We give advice on how to use equipment, when to use it and if it is suitable for what you need on your pool finish and shape to ensure everything is used efficiently to get your money's worth. All this delivered to your doorstep so CONTACT US TODAY and save yourself time and money.

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chlorinator for salted pools requiring less chemicals and easier to maintain


Whether your cell needs to be changed, cleaned or components need to be fixed to new installations, we have you covered and are able to guide you through the maze to deliver a unit that suits your requirements.
What is a chlorinator?
A chlorinator system electrolytic cells use electricity to convert brine water (salt water) to a safe dilute sodium hypochlorite solution.
·  Very effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses
·   Reduces chemical and maintenance costs
·  Low energy consumption
·  Not harmful to the environment
·  No red eyes or itchy skin that maybe  caused by swimming in water rich in chlorine byproducts .


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Chalky Pool Services Harare ZimbabweOur experience is our strength, with more than 20years in the business you can rest assured you're in good hands. In this tough economical climate we have learnt to adapt to every situation and we understand everyone is under the same stressful enviroment which is why we take pride in truly transforming a "House into a Home, making it a Stress Free Zone". We are commited to exceeding your expectations!

Chalky Pool Services Harare ZimbabweBuilding a pool can be confusing, frustrating and at times unthought provoking but thats what we are here for. Let us bring your vision to life, let us sweat the details while you relax, Work hand in hand with our designers and craft what is perfect for you. The moment we break ground is not the final moment for adjustments, we understand prefrences can change and should you have any additions just say the word and we will accomodate your every need.

Pool Fences & Garden Fences & Pool Nets Harare ZimbabweFamily safety is always a big concern and why should a pool area be any different, protect your children by taking extra safety precautions, such as a Fence or Pool Net and yes it sounds expensive BUT It'S NOT THE CASE WITH US. We cater to everyone and have options available to accomodate your budget. Speak to us today and see what we can do for you. Just want to see what

Chalky Pool Services Harare ZimbabweIt's no secret things are expensive these days, having to replace anything can put a spanner in the works and why should you lose sleep over every pin drop sound which amplifys in our heads as "someone is outside". Do your self and your family a favour by checking out what we have on offer so you can rest assured no matter what the time your valuables are protected.

“Everyone else kept saying I need to replace a never ending list of things in order to get my pool up and running which was like building a new pool which was way out of our budget and then someone on ZimVine mentioned Chalky Pools which was the greatest suggestion in the world. They (Chalky Pools) were able to fix most that needed "replacing" and 2 years later still running amazingly, Highly Recommended from myself and everyone I know!”

Rebecca AnnMarie Rowland