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Pool Fences Fences Harare zimbabwe Best Prices


These easy to install pool fences are ideal to keep your loved ones safe at all times, no need for extra costs when you and some "mildly stable friends" can install these suckers fast, not only giving you an excuse to crack open some cold ones but to make your friends sweat a little because nothing says adulthood like installing stuff:).
Panels Cost: $44-00 including tax!!!
Panel dimensions: 1000mm x 2000mm(yes they are long saving you money)
Painted in a color of your choice
Free delivery within Harare
Pool fence posts: $7-47 including tax
Gates come in a variety of designs for you to choose from.
CONTACT US TODAY TO GET A QUOTE! Please have a rough idea of the amount of meters you are looking for.

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Chemical treatment for water full range Harare zimbabwe Best Prices


Has this weather turned that once beautiful pool into a swamp of nightmares? Full of mud? or just straight up nasty? Well then you're in luck, contact us today and get the MAKE IT BLUE package where we will come to you and give you an on the spot once off quote to get it back to perfect in a time you never thought possible. Have a function or event? No problem speed is what it's all about and with external filtering, chemicals, vacuuming ETC all being a part of the package you can rest assured the moment you phone us it becomes our problem.


Acid Cleans to Remove dirt and Bring back its Former Glory fixing old pools zimbabwe harare


Has your pool become stained, discolored or has a buildup of different types over time? Well an Acid clean is like a reset button, we can make it shine again to look like new and get rid of all that unwanted extra buildup. This is ideal if your pool has not been running for a long time allowing all the different types of fungi to build up and stain the surface material. Get it back into working order today.

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Nothing Says Holiday Mode Like Relaxing Next To The Pool With Family And Friends, Get Your Pool Perfect This December With Our Great Deals

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Chalky Pool Services Harare ZimbabweOur experience is our strength, with more than 20years in the business you can rest assured you're in good hands. In this tough economical climate we have learnt to adapt to every situation and we understand everyone is under the same stressful enviroment which is why we take pride in truly transforming a "House into a Home, making it a Stress Free Zone". We are commited to exceeding your expectations!

Chalky Pool Services Harare ZimbabweBuilding a pool can be confusing, frustrating and at times unthought provoking but thats what we are here for. Let us bring your vision to life, let us sweat the details while you relax, Work hand in hand with our designers and craft what is perfect for you. The moment we break ground is not the final moment for adjustments, we understand prefrences can change and should you have any additions just say the word and we will accomodate your every need.

Pool Fences & Garden Fences & Pool Nets Harare ZimbabweFamily safety is always a big concern and why should a pool area be any different, protect your children by taking extra safety precautions, such as a Fence or Pool Net and yes it sounds expensive BUT It'S NOT THE CASE WITH US. We cater to everyone and have options available to accomodate your budget. Speak to us today and see what we can do for you. Just want to see what

Chalky Pool Services Harare ZimbabweIt's no secret things are expensive these days, having to replace anything can put a spanner in the works and why should you lose sleep over every pin drop sound which amplifys in our heads as "someone is outside". Do your self and your family a favour by checking out what we have on offer so you can rest assured no matter what the time your valuables are protected.

“Can not believe i finally found a company that understood what i was looking for and did not shoot me down as soon as i mentioned "budget", instead of finding problems Chalky's Pools found soloutions to work for me rather than against me. Thank you so much!”

Donna S. Cran