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With all the possible finishes available today it can be over whelming to find "your special" finish or to even know where to start and we hope this information can help guide you to making a well informed decision ensuring you get what you want.


chip tile pool fish beautiful, customised and unmatched great prices

Chip Tiling

Chip Tiling is by far, in our professional opinion, the most beautiful pool finish available, second to none and if you are looking to set your pool apart from others then this is the ideal finish for you. This is a dying art form, not only does it take a tremendous amount of skill, time, knowledge, accuracy, etc (the list keeps going) but requires a highly trained eye to create a master piece that is unlimited in design possibilities and yes you read that right "unlimited design possibilities". Here at Chalky Pool Services this is our specialty, not only do we have a flawless track record but have dedicated years upon years to honing our skills to bring perfection to every client and our work speaks for itself.

Chalky's Pool Services Full tile Finish

Full Glass, Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Full tile is pretty straight forward and as its heading suggests it is the laying of whole tiles normally sized 30cm by 30cm. There are multiple design possibilities when it comes to these finishes due to the large variety in colors/patterns available in modern tiles which can be matched/ mismatched together to bring a truly unique finish to your pool. Glass tiles are undoubtedly one of the most unique pool finishes; it is a great reflector/ amplifier of light which can reflect multiple colours depending on their own, bringing "another world feel" to a pool both during the day with natural light and great with led pool lighting at night.

Chalky Pools Harare Zimbabwe Gunnite aggrigate finish


Gunnite is considered to be an aggregate finish; this plaster finish is different from just a standard plaster finish due to the addition of an oxide mixed into the final plaster process. The oxide finish leaves a beautiful surface which is slightly rough (not too rough that it causes problems) which resembles more of a beach sand texture and due to it being an oxide mix means that it comes in a beautiful array of colours and textures. The most popular colour for Gunnite is black oxide which helps retain more heat from the sun (making water slightly warmer) and gives the water surface a mirror like reflection of its surroundings.

Chalky pools Paint Finish harare Zimbabwe


Painted pools can look absolutely stunning with a smooth flawless surface which is amplified by the water during the day and by the lights at night. The paints used for this process are specially formulated aqua paints and this might be surprising to hear but most pool companies stay clear of providing this finish due to its never ending list of application complications, this is due to the number of variables one is faced pre painting (surface grip, plaster build up etc) and post painting (chemical reactions, reaction sun during drying periods etc) which can never be a guaranteed success. HOWEVER having said that with careful preparation, precautions and application knowledge we are able to confidently say that should you desire this finish then we are the ones to be used, we have painted an uncountable number of pools with 98% of them being a success and are one of the few companies that explain the complications instead of just taking the job, as sales don't out weigh client satisfaction to us.

Gitter stone, Natural look pool finishes from Chalky Pools expert team

Glitter Stone/ Natural Rock

Glitter Stone is an ideal finish for a natural themed setting; there are not many things that cannot be produced or recreated in a factory now days but this if one of them and is a great contender among the many materials on the market for a natural pool. Glitter stone despite popular belief, does in fact come in different shades, ranging from a grey tint to a sparkly orange tint but due to these being naturally sourced materials it is limited to what is available by the miners. As with any finish Glitter Stone has its pros and cons which should be discussed with your contractor before your final decision is made as there are a number of things for this finish in particular that should be discussed and a good contractor should be able to tell you not only how beautiful it is but what issues may raise their head in the future/ what precautions can be made to avoid them. This finish can be considered to be in the pebble finish class ie. Natural finishes.

Some Broader Definitions For Plaster Finishes

Due to the huge amount of plaster finishes/ texture finishes these are the classes that can be used to describe what sort of finish you are looking for:

Aggregate Finishes

Aggregate pool finishes are the new generation of plaster pool surfaces. They consist of white or colored plaster mixed with small pieces of quartz, granite, river stones, or glass beads. Aggregates come in two forms: polished and exposed. Aggregate finishes are becoming more popular and desirable because they provide a luxurious pool surface that is harder and more resistant to chemicals and staining than those with plaster alone. They also offer an array of beautiful colors and textures and can be custom blended to create a one of a kind finish.

Polished Aggregates

Polished aggregate finishes contain finely crushed colored stones, such as quartz, granite, or marble. After the aggregate finish is hand applied with a trowel to the pool shell, it is polished to bring out the stone's luster and create a smooth surface. The flecks of colored quartz or granite give the pool finish a decorative sheen and extend the life of the plaster to 12 to 20 years. Polished aggregate finishes have a timeless beauty that works well with classic pool designs.

Exposed Aggregates

Exposed aggregate finishes contain tiny river pebbles or glass beads. As with polished aggregate finishes, exposed aggregate finishes are hand applied by trained craftsmen. However, once the application is complete (and while the surface is still wet), the finish is power washed with a mixture of water and muriatic acid to remove the top layer of concrete and expose the colored pebbles or glass beads within. The exposed aggregates in the plaster add traction to the pool surface and come in various sizes and colors, which allows for a range of textures and color combinations.


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