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Welcome to our Metal work page, We manufacture a large Varity of products which is growing daily and have a dedicated team delivering quality superior products guaranteeing customer satisfaction so you can rest assured you are in good hands. If you are not sure if we do something please feel free to contact us to confirm because if we do not do that range we can link you up with the people who do. Thank you!

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Gone are the days when you could just tie the kids to the shady tree in the back garden with a bowl of water and some chow to ensure they didn't get up to anything resulting in bodily harm when you have your back turned….Or was that dogs???? Either way the required result was ensuring safety out of love and for kids an open body of water (ie a Pool) is the largest safety risk.

We are Proud to offer an affordable solution to that very problem, We at Chalky's Pool Services believe the outdoors is meant to be enjoyed, not worrying every two minutes if the kids might land up in the Pool Area unsupervised, so why not put your minds at ease for all hours of the day by installing a Pool Fence to ensure safety is not just a thought but a reality. We offer a large variety of Pool Fencing, all custom made to suite your style and Your Budget. From simple DIY Pool Fencing to Installation Package Fencing we have you covered, Contact us today and bring safety to your home!

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Pool Fences Fences Harare zimbabwe Best Prices


These easy to install pool fences are ideal to keep your loved ones safe at all times, no need for extra costs when you and some "mildly stable friends" can install these suckers fast, not only giving you an excuse to crack open some cold ones but to make your friends sweat a little because nothing says adulthood like installing stuff:).
Panels Cost: $44-00 including tax!!!
Panel dimensions: 1000mm x 2000mm(yes they are long saving you money)
Painted in a color of your choice
Free delivery within Harare
Pool fence posts: $7-47 including tax
Gates come in a variety of designs for you to choose from.
CONTACT US TODAY TO GET A QUOTE! Please have a rough idea of the amount of meters you are looking for.

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Chalky Pool Gunnite oxide Pool Finish Harare Zimbabwe

Garden Fences

These fences are perfect for keeping your pets out of your flower beds or other areas you would prefer them not to go and add some classy ambience to your garden.
Our standard Garden Fence comes 500mm x 1000mm with easy install bases only needing to be pushed into the ground, these fences are designed and made to interlock into one another creating a sturdy fence spanning the exact distance you require in a color of your choosing saving you time and money. We do make custom garden fences should you require something in particular (eg to keep your tortoises out your plants not requiring something high), Contact Us Today for the price and as with everything we do Free Delivery to anywhere within Harare.

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Chalky Pool Gunnite oxide Pool Finish Harare Zimbabwe

Pool Nets

Not wanting a Pool Fence and looking for a good alternative to keep your children safe? Well look no further as we offer the perfect solution and yes by its above title it is a Pool net, pool nets span the whole of your pool secured by metal casted ring clips which are cemented into your pool surrounds and come in different gap sizes which are custom made to fit your pool. In all honesty we do not make these and do not believe in adding costs onto our valued clients so we will forward you directly to the gentlemen who we strongly recommend to all our clients for this. Should you want us to supervise installation please let us know, please contact us for his number.

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Security & Antitheft

Motors of any kind seem to be the go to for all thieves and unfortunately with poverty/ unemployment on a never ending rise it is only logical to conclude theft will be rising with it. Simplistic antitheft cages now days are just show cases, which is a deterrent but unfortunately more often than not, when put to the test of a persistent criminal it will fail and that show case will be left empty.

There is antitheft and then there is "ANTITHEFT", we are the "ANTITHEFT" category. All our products are designed and manufactured in house with the sole purpose of functionality, not just look pretty but become a spawn of chucky (Yes a movie reference to the horror movie Chucky, which we hope you saw) to open and either put the potential thief off or cause him/her to spend so much time/ noise to alert you to what is happening giving you time to alert the authorities and security contractor

Chalky Pool pool pump antitheft cage heavy duty Harare Zimbabwe

Antitheft Pool Pump & Filter Cages

Not only do our covers protect your filter and pump from the elements, extending its life cycle, but they help to ensure what's yours remains yours. We attend to a number of clients who have had their pumps stolen and due to these often being located away from the house it is almost impossible to notice immediately that it is "happening" or "happened" until the following day when you notice the pool is not working.
Don't be a victim! Take the extra precaution of having an antitheft cage installed to protect your expensive equipment, Here at Chalky Pools we offer custom designed antitheft cages built specifically for Pool Pumps and Filters made from premium quality materials that are installed by us in just a matter of hours. Contact us today to get a quote.

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Chalky Pools pump protection anti theft cage for small pump on water tanks Harare Zimbabwe

Antitheft Water Tank Pump Cages

Besides gate motors these are often the go to for most thieves due to their high demand, multiple uses and just being plain easiness to take (ie light weight, few things to cut so can be stolen quickly without the need to spend an excessive amount of time in one area).
We offer antitheft cages that take these easy targets and transform them into Mini War Bunkers ideal to protect the unseen hard workers providing your home with fresh water. We can install these for you or can be bought as a DIY kit, speak to us today and we can advise which product is best suited for you and your already existing structure. Contact us today for a great deal.

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Chalky Pool Gunnite oxide Pool Finish Harare Zimbabwe

Gate Motor Antitheft

This is undoubtedly the most common object to be stolen, not only is it expensive to replace but will probably be stolen again once replaced. So why not protect your valuables and save yourself money in the long run by getting a Chalky Pools Original Gate Motor Antitheft Cage designed by us and built by us. This is more of a tank than a cage to be honest, made from solid steel which we concrete into the ground with a custom hidden lock mechanism, and unlike many others where locks are left exposed, easy to cut, our design ensures there will be no easy cutting of any sort. We custom make each cage to ensure a perfect fit to your existing motor and its surrounds in a color of your choice which we can install for you or can be made for your own DIY installation. Contact us today to get a quote.

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Chalky Pool Gunnite oxide Pool Finish Harare Zimbabwe

Burglar Bars

Why should you get them?

  • The saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" has never been more relevant, you know better than anyone what best matches your tastes and home style, which is why we offer custom designs that you can chose which we will make not only work but look exceptional. Have a style you found online that you want? Great just send us a picture and we can design around that and bring your vision to life. We offer this because you have to look at it every day so why not make it a piece of art serving functionality and elegance.
  • There is no such thing as over secure in this day and age, an alarm system is great but unfortunately once someone is inside your home it will still take some time for a reaction to reach you so why not have an extra precaution/ deterrent that will make thieves pass straight by your home.
  • They are a once off investment, unlike other securities which require more money over working periods these are just a once off purchase which we are proud to offer at great prices and no matter what the purchase we have your best intentions in mind so rest assured we will always give it 110% in everything we do.
So Contact us today and get your home some extra security.

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Chalky Pool Services Harare ZimbabweOur experience is our strength, with more than 20years in the business you can rest assured you're in good hands. In this tough economical climate we have learnt to adapt to every situation and we understand everyone is under the same stressful enviroment which is why we take pride in truly transforming a "House into a Home, making it a Stress Free Zone". We are commited to exceeding your expectations!

Chalky Pool Services Harare ZimbabweBuilding a pool can be confusing, frustrating and at times unthought provoking but thats what we are here for. Let us bring your vision to life, let us sweat the details while you relax, Work hand in hand with our designers and craft what is perfect for you. The moment we break ground is not the final moment for adjustments, we understand prefrences can change and should you have any additions just say the word and we will accomodate your every need.

Pool Fences & Garden Fences & Pool Nets Harare ZimbabweFamily safety is always a big concern and why should a pool area be any different, protect your children by taking extra safety precautions, such as a Fence or Pool Net and yes it sounds expensive BUT It'S NOT THE CASE WITH US. We cater to everyone and have options available to accomodate your budget. Speak to us today and see what we can do for you. Just want to see what

Chalky Pool Services Harare ZimbabweIt's no secret things are expensive these days, having to replace anything can put a spanner in the works and why should you lose sleep over every pin drop sound which amplifys in our heads as "someone is outside". Do your self and your family a favour by checking out what we have on offer so you can rest assured no matter what the time your valuables are protected.

“Came back from the river and we noticed someone had tried to get our gate motor, you could see crow bar marks all over but luckily we had Chalky's Pools Antitheft Cage on it and besides some cosmetic damage it did what it was meant to and the robbers just left after what looks like a lot of attempts to open it.”

Mrs. A. Muller