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From Designing to Building Them We Do It All. We Design Your Pool In 3D Prior To Building To Ensure You Get Exactly What You Want.

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We don't just create Pools, We like to think we create Masterpieces that set us apart from everyone else, We create Personal Edens for You, Your Family and Friends to escape every day life struggles no matter what they may be.Pools do not only bring new life into your home but are also an investment that raises property value in any economical climate and as with any investment, ensure you use professionals because there is no substitute for quality.
We custome design every Pool giving you as the client the ability to work hand in hand with our designers, bringing your vision to life with 3D Rendering, while being able to show you the truly limitless options available, from multiple finishing options to water features, we have you covered.
As you can imagine there are a lot of important variables to take into consideration when building anything but that's what we are here for, so you don't have to sweat the details and you can rest assured with more than 20years in the industry you are in Good hands. Contact us today and let's get started on creating your Perfect Getaway! If you would like to see some of the many finishing options we offer just click the finishes tab.

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Chalky Pool Services Harare ZimbabweOur experience is our strength, with more than 20years in the business you can rest assured you're in good hands. In this tough economical climate we have learnt to adapt to every situation and we understand everyone is under the same stressful enviroment which is why we take pride in truly transforming a "House into a Home, making it a Stress Free Zone". We are commited to exceeding your expectations!

Chalky Pool Services Harare ZimbabweBuilding a pool can be confusing, frustrating and at times unthought provoking but thats what we are here for. Let us bring your vision to life, let us sweat the details while you relax, Work hand in hand with our designers and craft what is perfect for you. The moment we break ground is not the final moment for adjustments, we understand prefrences can change and should you have any additions just say the word and we will accomodate your every need.

Pool Fences & Garden Fences & Pool Nets Harare ZimbabweFamily safety is always a big concern and why should a pool area be any different, protect your children by taking extra safety precautions, such as a Fence or Pool Net and yes it sounds expensive BUT It'S NOT THE CASE WITH US. We cater to everyone and have options available to accomodate your budget. Speak to us today and see what we can do for you. Just want to see what

Chalky Pool Services Harare ZimbabweIt's no secret things are expensive these days, having to replace anything can put a spanner in the works and why should you lose sleep over every pin drop sound which amplifys in our heads as "someone is outside". Do your self and your family a favour by checking out what we have on offer so you can rest assured no matter what the time your valuables are protected.

“Can not believe i finally found a company that understood what i was looking for and did not shoot me down as soon as i mentioned "budget", instead of finding problems Chalky's Pools found soloutions to work for me rather than against me. Thank you so much!”

Donna S. Cran